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Junior competition boule approved for competition play by the F.I.P.J.P



Page Updated 14th April 2021

Match Minimes Ref M3MINIME £75.99

Junior competition boule for under 11's  The set of three boule are a great introduction to the sport for children

High specification competition boule from the Obut Match design. 

These boule are ideal for serious junior players.  

Black finish and made to a high standard and are available in

a Diameter of  65 mm. Two patterns T and O with is Plain. 

Weight 600 Grms   1 year warranty Hardness 120 kg/mm2

Sports and Leisure Boule

Obut Sport and leisure boules are not generally allowed in competitions but do comply with the French Standard NF S 52-200  The NF standard guarantees the users will have a traditional product defined by 6 essential quality safety criteria

 1 Type of material 100% steel

2 Hollow boule without any foreign bodies inside it

3 Heat hardened steel for long lasting boule

4 Adehsion and Corrosion resistance of the surface protection

5 Regular weight of each boule in the set

6 Roundness and Balance of the boule

Please note. Magnets will not pick up Obut Stainless Steel leisure boule


Stainless Steel Leisure Boule

Leisure Boule. One set of three boule. Boule for games with the family. They are made to a high specification in Non magnetic Stainless steel and are Leisure boule made in France. These boule are ideal for the starter or just for fun players. 

Satin finish and are available in a Diameter of 74 mm and come with Sleeve and jack. 


Eight types of pattern are available in Salamander,Tatou, Side, Chevron, Point, Up, Dual and Lisse. Design may vary slightly from shown. Weight 600 Grms   1 year warranty. 



Junior Competition French Boule and Sports / Leisure boule from Obut 


Postage Free



   Dual                   Salamander                   Tatou                            Side                         

Indoor Training boule. Ref Adult ITB and Green Junior ITB

These superb training boule create the feel of a petanque boule when thrown but unlike its steel counter part does not damage polished floors or carpet. Available in two sizes for Adult and junior fun. The adult boule are in silver and black, 74mm diameter and weigh 680 grams. The junior boule are Green and Yellow, 65mm diameter and 400 grams. The kits consist of two sets of boule, a zip case, one wooden jack, one resin jack, a string measure and a booklet full of training exercises and tests as well as games and fun.


Adult ITB £ 65.00                                                                       Junior ITB £ 47.80

Adult Boule Out of stock at the moment.                                                                


Sets of Leisure boule as well as Junior Under 11's competition boule approved for competition play by the F.I.P.J.P on this page


Junior Stainless Steel Leisure Boule

Set of 3 Junior Leisure Boule The set comes in a cardboard box complete with a sleeve style bag and jack making them ideal for a gift or starter set. They are made to a high specification and are in a silver brushed finish Non magnetic Stainless Steel. Junior leisure boule are made in a diameter of 65mm. Weight 600 grams and a 3 year warranty.

These boule are ideal for the junior starter or just for fun junior players. Made in France


Two types of pattern are available in Point and Chevron. 


          Point                                                  Chevron                  


                 Lisse                         Chevron                      Point                                 Up