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Updated 11th December 2019




15TH Fur and Feather Doubles East Midlands Petanque Association Sunday, 15 December 2019 at 09:00 This years fur and feather is on! NEW location!! The hosts this year will be Wycliffe Bowls Club, Hall Lane, Lutterworth, LE17 4LN.

28TH Luton Petanque Club Christmas Snow Boule Luton Petanque Club
St Thomas’s Road, Luton, LU2 7UX (Next to Stopsley High School)
(open melee triples - 5 round timed games)
Saturday 28th December 2019
£5 per person. 10:00 for 10:30 Start
Hot Food available and Full bar facilities
For Further Details and Entries please email (or just turn up!)





Welcome you to join the Club in an ‘Opening’ Ceremony

with the President of the SCPA

Saturday 4th January 2020 at 10.15 a.m.  Play for 10.30 a.m.

@Clymping Village Hall & Sports Field

Crookthorn Lane (A259) Clymping  Littlehampton W. Sussex, BN17 5SN


A Melee of three games two in the morning followed by lunch

and a further game in the afternoon.


Complimentary tea/coffee. 

Hot sausage rolls and Mince pies at lunchtime.

Raffle to be held

R.S.V.P. The approximate number of members attending from your Club to:-




26thAdur Snowboules doubles on 26 January 2020. Impulse Leisure Centre, Old Shoreham Road, Lancing BN15 0PH. £6 per player £3 juniors. Leagues & knockout, cash prizes. BBQ will be available or bring your own food. Entries to me at



8thLondon Petanque Club Presents The London Petanque  Championship

Saturday 13 June 2020 Triples and Sunday 14th June 2020 Doubles At Crystal Palace Thicket Road L London SE19 2GA Prize Money Totalling  £11,200 Registration Is  Now Open  £30 Per Triples Team  £20 Per Doubles Team  Entry Open To All

See For Details


18th & 19th July.Tog24 La British Open 2020. Heckmondwike Petanque club

In association with Northern Petanque


Please check with organisers as competitions are subject to change and maybe limited on numbers or licence holders only

PS  Keep an eye on our page of the month as the fixtures will soon be coming in thick and fast for the tournaments next year. If you are organising competitions please let us know and we will put them on our site free of charge.

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This new section is designed to promote clubs and their activities as well as contacts.

The Carnoustie Petanque Club, situated at The Aboukir Hotel, 38 Ireland Street, Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland DD7 6AT (entrance off Arbroath Road).
Affiliated to the Scottish Petanque Association.
The Club playing times are: Tuesdays & Thursdays  2pm to 4pm and Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Visitors welcome.
Contacts are: Chairman- Harry Ritchie, tel; 01241-852281    e-mail:
                Secretary John Davidson, tel: 01241-853666   e-mail:

If you would like your club here please ask. During holidays petanque players love to pop into local clubs to have a game or two!

Welcome to October's 2019 coaching tip from Pen-Y-Coed Petanque. Our series is aimed to help you enjoy the game of Petanque and win more games.


Petanque. A game of millimetres.

Now the petanque season’s are drawing to a close, the coaches life becomes a busier one. Many teams are rejoicing in their successful season and many are reflecting on a year that could have gone better. Now the cold and wet days draw in it is time to learn a few things that could make the difference in winning or losing a game. Time to try out a few things away from the cut and thrust of competitive play. Remember the coaches rule. If you have a scoreboard at the end of the piste and are scoring then you are not practicing you are playing!

Now, we know petanque is a game that can swing over the tiniest distance on a measurement of two boule. We will come onto that another time. There is another distance that is vague and generally ignored during a game. The six metre distance from circle to jack. When I say vague and ignored I actually mean those teams and players that walk from circle to jack and declare it is too short or just OK. Stepping out a metre is vague when the distance is tight. How tight is tight? Ignored comes into the equation when teams just accept it is in a playable position. Maybe instead of ignoring your own gut feeling or your team’s feelings you could measure the distance. It may bring tuts from the opposition but it is a valid request. If you have not thrown the jack but think it is not a legal length just ask the opposition if they are sure it is the right length. If they do not answer and just throw their boule you can still measure it before you throw. If it is not a correct length they get their boule back and you can place the jack at your distance. They then play the first boule and for some reason it is always a good one!  Anyway we digress.

Once the length is measured everyone can relax and play the end. The doubt of the length is gone and your shooter can think about the task in hand rather than muttering “ Blimey that looks short to me”

We have examined in the past the massive advantage a team can get by placing the jack. A short jack thrown by the opposition can be placed buy your team. This is a great situation to be in but you can only get hold of the jack after a measure of the jack. If the pacing has proved inconclusive and the measure shows the jack is not legal then you have a great chance to change the game. I am not saying hover around the circle with a tape measure ready to see the opposition fail. It is just a simple rule that you can use.

So now let us get into detail. The measurement is from the inside edge of a plastic circle to the closest point of the jack. The circle will already have been marked before the jack was thrown. ( Yes it was! You have read enough of these tips to make sure it has) and the jack was marked once it stopped after being thrown by the opposition. Yes! I know the circle and jack in the photo is not marked. Brownie points all round!

Hooking a tape onto a circle that is not marked is foolhardy as circles are light and move easily on dust or gravel. Most people stand on the circle to stop it from moving during the measurement. The jack must be over 6 metres from the inside edge of the circle. In the photos we see some that are not legal and one that is legal. We have already talked about how a jack placement can change everything in a match so we do not need to cover it again, just a final question. Who would have thought a jack thrown 5mm from a legal position would change a game?

Good Luck

Phil Boarder

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