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Fanny Club

A new charity has also arrived on the petanque scene. We have a dedicated sport we all enjoy, the quirky odd game has all but disappeared into serious leagues and national events however the Fanny prize always raises a titter to the uninformed and dread to most players. A new club has been formed proudly calling itself the The Fanny Club a la Petanque- The Petanque Players Charity and its aim is to raise funds for good causes.   They have a dedicated website up and running at

Use the PO Box address, as on application form.

Fanny welcomes you all. Just £12 for her club membership.

Have a look and if you qualify or want further information please feel free to contact them. It should be fun. The badge itself is just fantastic.


Updated 9th October 2018




14th     Tiegan's Star Charity Petanque Triples Arlesey PC Arelesey Football Ground

Limited to 12 Teams  Sunday October 14th

Tiegan's Star is a local charity looking after the children and famillies on the Oncology Ward at Addenbrookes Hospital.

Raffle Prizes / Donations will be greatly received If you would like to Sponsor this event please let me know.

Entries to email.

14th John Cartwright Memorial Doubles Sunday, 14 October 2018 at 09:30

Towers Petanque Club in Brentwood £10 per team, cash prizes for winners 09:30 Registration for 10:000 Start Hot Food, Cash Bar & Raffle To enter a team Contact Christian Yonnet


14th      Stimpson Doubles Trophy Lincoln Branleys Petanque Club Stimpson Autumn Trophy Doubles Competition Woodcocks, Burton Lane End, Saxilby Road,

Lincoln LN1 2BE

Registration:  9.45 a.m.          Start of play:  10.00 a.m.                                    

The competition format is 5 games run on a ‘snake’ system – wins and points difference to decide winner and placings. 

There will only be a play-off if the top two teams have identical wins and points difference.


Entry fee:   £6.00 per person (£12.00 per adult team)

Any player under 18 on the day of the competition: £2.00


The event is limited to 32 teams – any team turning up on the day without prior booking may be disappointed. Entries to:     Liz Mann, ‘Bethany’, School Lane, Willingham, Gainsborough, DN21 5LA


    Cheques payable to Lincoln Branleys Pétanque Club or pay on the day.

Should you wish to stay overnight, there is now a 38-bedroom lodge on site at Woodcocks, bookings through 

Tea and coffee and a full breakfast are available inside the pub.  Pub management are happy for you to bring your own picnic food for lunch (and this is probably preferable, as there is often a long wait), however all alcoholic drinks consumed on the premises MUST be bought at the bar.

The club has a no-smoking policy on the terrain.


14th       Norfolk v Suffolk Bob Carter Centre Norwich.

21st       Anglia Chiltern East Midlands Tri Way - Burwell

21st       Hartley Doubles Hartley Country Club Kent






4th      Open Doubles - Gravesend

4th      Adur Autumn Doubles

4th     The Firecracker Open Triples Nottingham City Pétanque Club on Sunday 4th November 2018 @ Valley Road, Sherwood, Nottingham. Registration 9.30 for a 10am start. Entry £5 per player. Format: 5 game snake plus play-off if required. Generous cash prizes for top 3 places. Light refreshments available all day. Enquiries/to register interest Tel: 07972 424052
Entries in advance (cash or cheque) by Thursday 1st November to (ref: Firecracker) or NCPC Competitions, c/o 35 Rufford Road, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 2NQ

11th    Cobbetts Open Doubles

11th    Icicle Doubles - Lordswood Kent

25th    Petanglais - The Plough, Langford




9th      Christmas Hamper Doubles - Meadow

27th    Arundel Winter Doubles

29th    Snowboules - Luton


1st competition for next year confirmed


8th  London Petanque Club Presents The London Petanque  Championship

Saturday 8 June 2019 At Crystal Palace Thicket Road L London Se19 2ga Prize Money Totalling  £5,500 Registration Is  Now Open  £30 Per  Triples Team  Entry Open To All

See Www.Londonpetanqueclub.Uk/Crystalpalace2019 For Details


Please check with organisers as competitions are subject to change and maybe limited on numbers or licence holders only

PS  Keep an eye on our page of the month as the fixtures will soon be coming in thick and fast for the tournaments next year. If you are organising competitions please let us know and we will put them on our site free of charge.

Also has all the coaching tips featured on these pages from the past


This new section is designed to promote clubs and their activities as well as contacts.

The Carnoustie Petanque Club, situated at The Aboukir Hotel, 38 Ireland Street, Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland DD7 6AT (entrance off Arbroath Road).
Affiliated to the Scottish Petanque Association.
The Club playing times are: Tuesdays & Thursdays  2pm to 4pm and Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Visitors welcome.
Contacts are: Chairman- Harry Ritchie, tel; 01241-852281    e-mail:
                Secretary John Davidson, tel: 01241-853666   e-mail:

If you would like your club here please ask. During holidays petanque players love to pop into local clubs to have a game or two!

Welcome to 2018 October's coaching tip from Pen-Y-Coed Petanque. Our series is aimed to help you enjoy the game of Petanque and win more games.


Let Battle Commence.

A lot has been written about the charming pastime of French Boule. A leisurely game played in the shade of French courtyards. The gentle clack of boule and the matching clink of wine glasses and friends old and new enjoy the sun streaming through the leaves of the surrounding trees. No wonder it is the fasted growing sport in the country. Accessible to all, young and old alike. The game has all the charm of a pastime and all the cut and thrust of a sport. Many people who have picked up a boule are mostly surprised at how heavy they are. Not really, really heavy but an impression that you have just picked up a serious object.  That first touch of a competition boule is generally when most players are hooked. That is long before they are scanning the piste for opposition boule, counting how many they have left and attacking or defending accordingly.


Attacking and defending? The first encounter with a competition petanque boule is the closest most civilians get to an item of ordnance apart from an Ordnance survey map that is. Hang on, where is this going? Ordnance survey maps were first designed to give armies the layout of the ground in order to attack and defend positions.  Initially from of all people, the  Scotland Jacobite rebellion in 1745 and intensively during the Napoleonic threat in the 1800’s. History is a wonderful world.

A petanque boule is a piece of ordnance? Well petanque is a sport based on battles (games), skirmishes ( ends ) and probing for weaknesses in the opposition ( tactics ).

Yes I know you have just re read the opening paragraph trying to work out if we are still taking about French boule you played on a campsite on holiday.


The game of petanque is a battle, boule are your weapons and cunning is your friend. The rules are very clear but let us look at how a petanque game and battles are similar,

Most battles are won by the armies who have the ability to choose the battle ground. What suits their soldiers, their artillery and their cavalry?  Deep soggy ground will slow down the cavalry. Only specialist troops can overcome ground that is slow and difficult to read. So try to choose the ground the battle will be played out on. What type of ground suits your play. Do any of the pistes in front of you have features that will disrupt the enemy. If so you must try to win the toss but also your team need to be clear of the purpose of winning the toss. It is not just to play near your bags so you do not have to walk to the other end of the piste to get a drink. They again supply chains have seen many defeated armies. If you win the toss then be clear which area you would like to play on and in which direction you are going to start. Just because the circle in on the piste does not mean you have to step into it and use its current position. Is their a slope you can use to your advantage in the first end. As lots of games start are you going to be playing towards a walkway. This will change flow as the games stop and start and could be an advantage if you are playing a “Leaf blew and put me off shooter”.


The opposing team have a big gun! A shooter who hits everything. Proper field artillery raining down on all that dare appear on the field of combat. Maybe time to get the jack a little longer or place your boule a little further away and lure his troops out onto the battlefield. Make the situation a little more complicated. It is always difficult to bring the big guns out when there are a mix of boule in the scene. This can be best done on a deep piste. Easy to get boule where you need them and difficult to get out of their dug in position. Changes the whole flow of the battle. 

Think of the game as a battle and each end as a skirmish. A skirmish gains vital information about the enemy. Their strengths and more important their weaknesses. Watch and learn. Communication in your team is the key to victory. If you notice the Hussars approaching over the hill, tell someone! It maybe important.  Be tactically aware at all times. Remember, “Give us a point” not only gives the opposition a point but also the jack. Control of a game handed over just because the opposition wanted to move their peg away from the zero mark on the scoreboard. It could end very badly.

Glass of wine anyone?

Good Luck

Phil Boarder

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