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Fanny Club

A new charity has also arrived on the petanque scene. We have a dedicated sport we all enjoy, the quirky odd game has all but disappeared into serious leagues and national events however the Fanny prize always raises a titter to the uninformed and dread to most players. A new club has been formed proudly calling itself the The Fanny Club a la Petanque- The Petanque Players Charity and its aim is to raise funds for good causes.   They have a dedicated website up and running at

Use the PO Box address, as on application form.

Fanny welcomes you all. Just £12 for her club membership.

Have a look and if you qualify or want further information please feel free to contact them. It should be fun. The badge itself is just fantastic.


Updated 21st November 2017



26th Pétanglais 2017 Melee Chiltern Region

Remembering John Deaville Sunday 26th November 2017

A Pétanque Doubles/Triples Melee at the Plough PC

77 Church St, Langford, SG18 9QA

9.30am for 10.00am Start £5.00 Per Person Entry Fee

5 Timed Games Cash & Wine Prizes

Food Will Be Available Throughout The Day

A Raffle Will Be Held. Donations Of Raffle Prizes Will Be Greatly Appreciated

Book Yourself In For A Day Of Total Lunacy

Contact Derek Northend Via Facebook Or By Email  Advance Booking Only Please

By Friday 24th November 2017 Proceedings will be donated to the Lifeboats RNLI




10th    Hamper Doubles - Star Meadow


17th British Sugar Sports and Social Club 25th Anniversary Christmas Melee


BSSSC Invite you to our fun Christmas Silver Jubilee Melee Competition

On Sunday The 17th December

 10:30  For 11.00 Start 5 Timed Games Entry £2 per Player

 Peter Griffiths Tel 07810327529

Prize for the best Christmas outfit

Trophies for the Top 3 players and best Junior


Please bring a wrapped prize for the Christmas Mystery raffle



17th    Fareham Christmas Mêlée

17th    The Charity Fur ‘N’ Feather Mixed Pairs Event  Leicester Banks Pc, Banks Road, Leicester, LE2 8HA

All profits raised will be donated to the Derbys., Leics. & Rutland Air Ambulance charity.

Registration: 09.00am - 9.15AM FOR 09.45AM START

Entry Fee: £12.00 per pair (licences not required)

The format is mixed pairs (limited to 32 pairs) – 4 Games to be played

All participating teams will receive the traditional Festive Pork Pie with major prizes initially down to fourth place, dependent on the number of entries. The more entries, the more prizes!

As this is a Charity Event, all entrants are invited to donate prizes for the Grand Raffle.

Hot drinks and bacon/sausage cobs available from 8.30am.

Burgers/Hot dogs/Chips will be available from 12.00 noon until late.


At the conclusion of the competition the Grand Raffle will take place followed by prize presentation and pork pie distribution. If we have enough prizes, we will also have a Charity Raffle.


Entries: £12.00 per pair by Friday, 15th December 2017 to Lisa Holt, 1 Benbow Close, Hinckley, Leics, LE10 1RQ. Email :

Entry is limited to 32 teams only. – Pre-Entry only – NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY


You can also bring your entries to the L.P.A. AGM on Wednesday, 13th December 2017.


Please do not bring your own food or drink on to the premises, thank you. Please let the venue know of any dietary restrictions


27th    Arundel Winter Open Doubles




Please check with organisers as competitions are subject to change and maybe limited on numbers or licence holders only

PS  Keep an eye on our page of the month as the fixtures will soon be coming in thick and fast for the tournaments next year. If you are organising competitions please let us know and we will put them on our site free of charge.

Also has all the coaching tips featured on these pages from the past

Welcome to 2017 November's coaching tip from Pen-Y-Coed Petanque. Our series is aimed to help you enjoy the game of Petanque and win more games.


Petanque in 2017 Widen your expectations!

Petanque is an aggressive game. Bowls is a gentle game. Scoring is the same principle for both games. Every boule closer than the closest oppositions get you a point. Therefore the scoring area is key. You want it to be as big as possible when you are trying to score and as small as possible when the opposition are scoring. That is why petanque is so aggressive. A close boule early in the end is shot straight away. In bowls each player plays in turn so they try to cover the oppositions bowls. This limits any end to only 1 maybe two points. Petanque full houses of three in singles or 6 in doubles and triples can happen in any game but very rare in bowls. So why are we comparing the two sports. Well some players play petanque as if they are playing bowls. This is a disaster in our sport but it takes a lot of work to shake off the bowls way and adopt the petanque way. Shooting in petanque can be done early in the end. It could be done with every one of your teams boule. Bowls fire usually at the end when no other options exist. It would never happen with every bowl because your team would be seen as spoilers.  In petanque it is the sign of a good team.


So why are we talking about shooting and bowls. The answer is the surface the sports are played on. One is carefully mown grass that is level and fairly predictable. The other can be played on almost any surface. It can be played on grass, gravel, driveways, old tennis courts and car parks. These vary greatly and the scoring area can depend on the type of piste. On an easy piste to point on the scoring area can be reduced by careful defensive boule placed with precision next to opposition boule or right onto the jack. Here we may see a great deal of shooting because of the ability to deliver boule to the correct place on the piste. On rough car parks not really designed for petanque play, the scoring area can be huge. As boule rocket off bricks and rubble hidden in the sub structure placing a close boule to the jack can be tricky. These pistes are known as shooter pistes. I have no idea why because it means the shooter does not have to hit many boule to succeed in winning the game. Many teams adopting the bowls way will really fail in a big way if they continue to throw their boule in the general direction of the jack and watch as they disappear at right angles on to the next door piste or worse, rocket through the head to end up 2 metres or more long.


Maybe instead of pointing when the oppositions boule is 1 metre away, maybe you should shoot their boule.


Tricky pistes can lure the pointer to try to outpoint the out pointable. It is often stated that the piste is the same for everyone and the best teams will win on the day even if the piste is a tricky one. That is true but analysis of those good teams will reveal they have not one but two players capable of shooting accurately so they play their normal attacking game but actually do not need to hit as many boule as they would normally hit. The inability of teams playing against this onslaught not able to place a defensive boule consistently means it is a turkey shoot.


The key fact to look at is how many times could you place a boule into a 50cm circle that had the jack in the centre on the piste you are playing on. 6 out of 6 will mean a pointers paradise and a shooters nightmare. 1 out of 6 is the other way round. The sliding scale will help you see that pointing may just be throwing your boule away. Playing a defensive boule will be tricky and so you may need to widen your horizons on your pointing and shooting balancing choices depending on the piste. Tricky pistes do have some areas where pointing can be successful and so you may need to be light on your feet given the pointing / shooting choices.


Certainly, something to think about!



Hope this helps.


Phil Boarder


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