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Updated 19th August 2019




24thLondon / Harrow International Triples 2019

Saturday, 24 August 2019 at 09:00 Old Lyonian Sports and Social Club

HA1 4 Harrow, United Kingdom


1stGolden Boule Pairs British Sugar Sports and Social Club Bury St Edmunds Suffolk £12.00 per team 10.00 for 10.30 start Prizes for top 3 teams  Limited to 20 teams.  The competition will be five games run on a ‘snake’ format. Winner will be best team after 5 rounds with wins then plus points deciding places. Prizes for top 3 teams.   Limited to 20 teams

Licensed bar and food available from 12 noon

Entry fees    -    £12.00 per team

Entries on the day but limited to 20 teams.


Send / Give registration form and payment to: Phil Boarder, Up Street, Bardwell, Nr. Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk. IP31 1AA

Tel:  01359 250829             e-mail: or on the Bury St Edmunds and District Petanque League Facebook page


8thBob Bruce Memorial Pairs Great Ellingham Norfolk Registration 10.00 for a 10.30 start Pre enter or register on the day Adults £2.50 Juniors £1.00 Format 5 x 40 min timed games. Prizes Wine or Chocolate for 1st 2nd and 3rd. Raffle All proceeds from the raffle to East Anglian Childrens Hospice. Further details or to enter contact


8th Coventry Petanque Club Open triples Sunday September 8th. 2019
The Burnt Post, Kenpas Highway CV3 6AW

A welcome tea or coffee on from 9-15.

Pub food will be available at the end of the competition.
Please bring your own packed lunch.

Please pre-register by Friday September 6th.
Tony Thompson, 024 7646 9076 mob: 07976 398172

Entries will be limited to 12 teams

Registration by 9-30 with play starting by 10-00.

£12.00 per team.

Juniors free entry, however, there will be a prize for the best Junior.

No Alcohol allowed in the vicinity of the terrain unless purchased from the Burnt Post

14th 15th Inter Regional Championships Hayling Island Hants.


21stNorman Guest Pairs The Cottage Thunder Lane Norwich NR7 0JD Registration at 1pm at £3.00 per player Four timed games Winner decided by most wins then largest points difference. Trophies for 1st 2nd Place Raffle to be held. Please bring a raffle prize to raise funds for MNDA Motor Neurone Disease Association For further details


22ndOver 50’s Champion of Champions Lincoln Bramleys


22ndGin Trap Pairs Burwell Anglia Regional Open event


29thCircle in the Sand Walcott Beach Norfolk




6thSuffolk v Norfolk British Sugar Sports and Social Club Bury St Edmunds Suffolk


13thRadio Norfolk Triples The Cottage Thunder Lane Norwich NR7 0JD


27thAnglia East Midlands Chiltern Triway held in East Midlands




3rd     The Firecracker Open Triples Nottingham City Pétanque Club on Sunday 3rd November 2019 @ Valley Road, Sherwood, Nottingham. Registration 9.30 for a 10am start. Entry £5 per player. £15.00 per team Format: 5 game snake plus play-off if required. Cash prizes for top 3 places. Light refreshments available all day. Enquiries/to register interest Tel: 07972 424052
Entries in advance (cash or cheque) to (ref: Firecracker) or NCPC Competitions, c/o B Hodges 20 Horsendale Road, Nuthall Nottingham NG16 1AN


Please check with organisers as competitions are subject to change and maybe limited on numbers or licence holders only

PS  Keep an eye on our page of the month as the fixtures will soon be coming in thick and fast for the tournaments next year. If you are organising competitions please let us know and we will put them on our site free of charge.

Also has all the coaching tips featured on these pages from the past


This new section is designed to promote clubs and their activities as well as contacts.

The Carnoustie Petanque Club, situated at The Aboukir Hotel, 38 Ireland Street, Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland DD7 6AT (entrance off Arbroath Road).
Affiliated to the Scottish Petanque Association.
The Club playing times are: Tuesdays & Thursdays  2pm to 4pm and Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Visitors welcome.
Contacts are: Chairman- Harry Ritchie, tel; 01241-852281    e-mail:
                Secretary John Davidson, tel: 01241-853666   e-mail:

If you would like your club here please ask. During holidays petanque players love to pop into local clubs to have a game or two!

Welcome to May's 2019 coaching tip from Pen-Y-Coed Petanque. Our series is aimed to help you enjoy the game of Petanque and win more games.


Placing the Jack!

In January 2017 the rules regarding the throwing of the jack changed. The “three throws and you are out” rule changed to just one attempt to throw the jack to a legal position and if unsuccessful the opposition placed it. Thoughts at the time calculated it would speed up the game. We are all two years down the line from this major rule change so we will have a little look at how it has worked and what we can learn from the new rule.

My view is the placement aspect has speeded up the game. On fast tricky pistes it can be very difficult to get the jack into a legal position with just one throw. Placement can remove the two extra throws you would have had, also the potential three throws the opposition would have and maybe even your next three throws! Petanque can be played anywhere and many of us will have played in mainland Europe on a road with a crazy camber in the middle making jack throwing an art form. A vague attempt to throw the jack is followed with a placement by the opposition and vice versa when they won the end. In these cases the game can be played in a faster pace however it must be remembered this should be the only part of the game that has changed. Considered tactics and focus are not to be rushed within the time allowed. The portion of the game where the jack is thrown at the start of the end has been compressed and I think made the game more enjoyable.


Now welcome on to the serious bit. My opinion over timing is just an introduction and just my view. Petanque is a game of cut and thrust. A game of advantage and tactics. If we look at lawn bowls or snooker a white gloved hand places the jack or snooker ball into a legal position. Care is taken to centre the lawn bowls jack and spot a snooker ball. No advantage is gained by either team. The only advantage on a lawn bowls jack throw is the length the jack stops. It is then centred as long as it is in the legal length zone. As we have just explained, petanque is a game of advantage. Just walking over to the jack and moving it into a legal position is OK as it allows the game to speed along. Hang on just a moment!

The rule uses the word “Place”

The devil is in the detail. The word place means exactly that. It must be placed in a legal position, not too far away from the circle (over ten metres), not too close to the circle (under six metres). That is obvious, but, what about too close to the edge of the piste, too close to an obstacle.  Place means place, so get used to bending down and putting the jack down securely. Your team will not be happy when you drop the jack on the piste and it hits your toe and lands in a position deemed not legal. Yellow card from the Umpire and a very embarrassed team mate. It could be worse! The jack may hit your shoe and deflect to the very place you do not want it to be. It is best placed on the piste rather than dropped, kicked or tossed from where it stopped and moved to a new position.

The reason for all this accuracy is the placing of the jack gives you a massive chance to change the game or keep the game exactly as it is. If you are winning at just over 6 metres and the opposition win an end chances are they may want to go longer. Their attempt to go long with the jack goes wrong when it goes over 10 metres and you can place it at just over 6 metres. If you wish.

On a sloping piste placing the jack can change the game. I tend to try and get an angle across the piste but this can be tricky to get right when you are throwing the jack as the string may be deemed a dead boule line so encroach it at your peril. If you have chance to place the jack this changes the whole task. You can even measure the distance from the side if you are unsure.

Once the jack thrown has been deemed illegal then you will need to act and place the jack. Please do not faff about, just place the jack where you want it. Simple. Well no, not really, all the things we have discussed in the past will need to be taken into account, slope, type of surface, dips and hollows as well as other games going on alongside.

Do not get carried away when placing the jack, the distance measured is from the circle, not from where the jack was last. It can be disorienting when you are picking the jack up. If you are unsure, you or a member of your team can walk out the distance approx. so you have an idea of the length. In an pre agreed team decision one player walks from the circle as the other places it to the length they have just walked. Simple, easy and prompt.

Have you re marked the circle? WHAT? Yes, you can move the circle back from the direction of play if you cannot get the jack at just under ten metres. The same rule applies to the circle as previously but because the placing of the jack is still new to us all most teams forget they can move the circle. All this needs to be done swiftly. If you are able to, move the circle back and wish to, then pick up the circle and place it where you want it. Mark the circle and then step forward to erase the old mark. Position the jack where you want it and mark its position and then step back and wait your turn to throw. The whole period should be over in a few moments.

All your team should know their roles and where the jack is going to be placed. There is little point getting back to your team and them asking why you placed it there?   A team can lose a game by a simple error. The opposition throw the jack too close to the edge. A member of your team steps forward and moves the jack into a legal position in the centre of the piste where the opposition pointer is pointing like a hero is not going to go down well. On fast and rocky pistes jack throwing will lead to you placing the jack at least once a game. The placing the jack is important. Treat it as a chance to get back in a game or to finish a game off. Petanque is a game of advantage.


Good Luck

Phil Boarder

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